The entire operation from the planning stage to construction and delivery went very smoothly. The project was finished on time and slightly under budget
Abie Hosseini, Pharmacist/ Owner of Peoples


  • “At all times in the Emily Carr Branch at Uptown project I valued the construction expertise provided by Story Construction. The construction team brought a wealth of experience to the project and the library felt well-supported by the expertise they brought to all decisions. Project pricing was one factor in choosing Story Construction. I believe the project was efficiently run by a team that works well together and kept the project at a competitive price.”
    Lynne Jordan, Deputy CEO, Greater Victoria Public Library- Commercial Client
  • “Stewart Story and the rest of the Story Construction Ltd. subcontractors and employees have been excellent to work with; their knowledge, positive attitude, enthusiasm, and excellent workmanship have ultimately made this a very pleasurable and stress-free experience for me.”
    Margaret Halabura – Residential Client
  • “Story Construction began our renovation on time and was available and proactive through the entire process from finalized design to completion. I found Stewart and his team to be very professional and patient, willing to accommodate any changes that were required by us, the client, while keeping us on track; ensuring we stayed on budget and schedule.”
    Deborah Bolingbroke-Price, TP Systems – Commercial Client
  • “Without exception, my experiences during the design phase, construction phase, and the follow-up after clients have moved into their new premises have been very pleasurable. I feel confident that anyone who works with Story Construction will enjoy a very satisfying and professional experience.”
    Amanda Neal, DTZ Barnicke
  • “Throughout this extremely difficult reno, both Stewart and Bruce Story were consistently calm, professional, supportive and dedicated to the project. I would stop on the way in to my existing office downtown and again on my home. One of them was always onsite. The budget for the project was just under $500,000 and Stewart and Bruce managed to not only keep us on track, but recommended some cost saving items and came in under budget.”
    C. Bowles, Controller, James Evans and Associates
  • “Story Construction has consistently provided exceptional service to our landlord and tenant clients over the years in constructing new office premises. Story Construction’s best strengths are their project management skills, keeping on budget, and excellent communication skills in updating their client throughout the project.”
    Grant Evans, Vice President, Colliers International
  • “Story Construction’s ability to manage and complete a project on schedule was evident in all of my dealings with them and they proved time and time again that they could deliver on the timelines promised. Story Construction was very effective at maintaining project costs and added value whenever possible.”
    Michael Hadfield, Equitex Property Management
  • “On this project, Story Construction had to manage and coordinate the construction of the new building while maintaining full and unfettered access to the client’s existing retails business on the same property. This project provided a challenging set of circumstances and details, and Story Construction exceeded expectations in all regards.”
    Wayne Hopkins, Client Consultant for Kirby’s Source for Sports
  • “The onsite construction was carried out with a high level of quality, a clear sense of direction and an underlying sense of urgency. Morguard were very impressed by the complete Story Construction team. Every facet of this project from tender through construction to closeout was handled with professionalism. We will definitely keep Story Construction on our list of bidders for future projects. ”
    Chris Beaton, Morguard Investments
  • “We are pleased to say, without hesitation and with considerable gratitude, that the project was completed not only within budget but several days ahead of schedule. Story Construction was reliable, the workmanship was first rate and they were very responsive in communicating with us during the course of the work.”
    Mark Horne, Horne Coupar Barrister and Solicitors
  • “I have worked with Story Construction on commercial and residential projects for many years, and I have been consistently impressed with their pleasant and cooperative attitude, honesty, attention to detail, and willingness to get the job done well, no matter what it takes. They take pride in their work, and in my experience they have consistently delivered high-quality results. I recommend them highly.”
    Andrew Lee, MAIBC, Architect
  • “No assumptions were made during the course of this project, there was always full disclosure and an opportunity to discuss changes which might raise or lower construction costs or to change the esthetics of the project. The consensus here was that we really lucked out in being able to work with Story Construction. We like to feel that we act with high integrity and felt that Story had every bit of much integrity as ourselves. That is a good feeling. ”
    Gary Anderson, J.E. Anderson & Asscociates
  • “We have been impressed by the speed of construction, the ease of resolving the normal day to day construction issues, and the ease with which the project has been constructed. We feel this is due to the construction expertise and forethought of Story Construction and their excellent communication skills.”
    Michael Levin, Praxis Architects Inc.
  • “Story Construction’s tight control of costs and their method of communicating up-to-date accounting of all costs during the construction period was very professional, accurate, highly detailed and on budget.Their staff were courteous, always responded in a timely fashion to our concerns and questions and showed a genuine interest in communicating up-to-date reportsof the constructiuon progress.
    George Devlin, Crystal Academy Ltd.
  • “”I have worked with Bruce Story, and now Stewart, on a variety of projects over the years, and have found them to be thoroughly professional. They bring a positive attitude to their projects, along with attention to detail, good trade co-ordination, attentive fiscal management, and a concern for quality.”
    John Keay, John Keay Architecture
  • “We found Story Construction to be professional, knowledgeable, helpful, time and cost conscious and most importantly a pleasure to deal with. They made our recent office expansion project a positive experience I would highly recommend Story Construction.”
    Danny Carrier, J.E. Anderson & Associates
  • “It was a real pleasure to work with the Story Construction team. Their attention to detail including cost control has created a front entrance landscape that will give the clients years of enjoyment and makes a positive contribution to the neighbourhood. I look forward to working together again.”
    Deborah LeFrank, Landscape Architect, LeFrank & Associates
  • “Stewart Story and his team worked with us from the initial design stages through to the delivery of the finished product of our new office/warehouse space. The project was valued at $165,000 and took 2.5 months to complete, much to our satisfaction. Stewart clearly and consistently communicated the status of the schedule and the budget as the work was progressing. Throughout the process, Stewart was open and honest in his communication with us, and flexible to our changing needs. Stewart has also been responsive since the project has been completed, to address any additional needs that we have encountered.”
    Al Chartrand, Posscan Security Systems
  • “The project started on time and the schedule was adhered to. His tradesmen were professional and competent. They were especially considerate of the other businesses in the building and kept the worksite and common areas clean and functional. I found Stewart to be honest, attentive, competent, organized and an excellent communicator.”
    Dr. Daniel Milkovich, Director, MD Esthetics
  • “The work was done in the utmost professional manner. The work stuck to the timeline and was done with attention to detail. Stewart Story Construction was pleasant to work with and was very organized. Change of work orders were handled efficiently and where smoothly coordinated with the architect.”
    Dan Steele, Technical Support Manager, Perforce Software
  • “Stewart Story managed the renovation in a professional and timely manner. I was satisfied with the work that was performed and the overall progress of the project. Stewart kept me up to date on the costing and schedule, and gave me advanced warning to variances on either as a result of scope change and/or unforeseen site conditions.”Â
    Dr. Jamie Grimes, Synergy Health Management
  • “Thank you once again for the beautful job you and your staff did with the new counselling rooms. Your close attention to this project meant I could relax and see to other things knowing you were on top of everything.”
    Brenda Wilson, Citizens Counselling Centre
  • “I found Bruce Story extremely easy to work with. His ideas, contributions and professional manner made the entire construction project a very positive experience. The final costs of the project were within reason of the original cost projections. Any differences in final costs and initial projections were always reasonable and were explained to my satisfaction. I would have no hesitation in utliziing his services again in future and feel confident in recommending him to others seeking an expert construction or improvement contractor.”
    Christopher Collis, Glenview Animal Hospital
  • “The budget was agreed to and respected. We were well informed as to developments and there were few suprises. Those that did arise were well handled. We were particulary appreciative of the manner in which the renovations were managed to minimize the disruption to our offices, which continued to operate throughout the construction period.”
    Tanner Elton, SCI
  • “The entire operation from the planning stage to construction and delivery went very smoothly. The project was finished on time and slightly under budget. The most important experience that I will always cherish is the honesty and the integrity of Stewart; it felt like I was dealing with a member of my own family.”
    Abie Hosseini, Pharmacist/ Owner of People’s