Kirby’s Source for Sports

A “local sporting goods store” experience, with an updated and enhanced urban twist.

Kirby’s Source for Sports is a locally owned company that has operated as a mainstay institution in the Victoria sports community for years. The newly updated store features a unique roof design, an energizing colour palate, expansive windows and natural cladding materials. Together, the added elements make this new commercial building a great example of how a thoughtfully designed structure can revitalize a neighbourhood. An interesting, welcoming and community minded streetscape is achieved by the unique outside sports court which is accessible for customers.

Creative Collaborators: Praxis Architecture


On this project, Story Construction had to manage and coordinate the construction of the new building while maintaining full and unfettered access to the client’s existing retails business on the same property. This project provided a challenging set of circumstances and details, and Story Construction exceeded expectations in all regards.

Wayne Hopkins
Client Consultant for Kirby’s Source for Sports