The Cedars

A 15-unit condominium, bringing a much-needed revitalization to the Village of Brentwood Bay.

Known for its quaint feel and proximity to farmland and the sea, Brentwood Bay needed a new walkable residential project that would offer easy access to one of the region’s original villages. The Cedars is part of a phased development, and as such, the exterior finishes with cedar accents and a natural, elegant colour scheme were used to maintain the continuity of the existing aesthetic. Unique features include vaulted ceilings, oversized courtyard patios and underground parking.

A stormwater retention system and permeable pavers were used to so that runoff water from the parking lot would enter the retention system and not the city storm drain. Water efficient plumbing fixtures and ENERGY STAR appliances were installed. Low maintenance raised gardens beds were added to green the space without requiring high water use. Thermally broken, double glazed aluminum clad vinyl windows with enhanced Low-E glazing were also installed.

Creative Collaborators: Vic Davies Architecture & Kimberly Williams Interior Design